Psychotherapy for couples, individuals and children.

  • Are you tired of feeling alone in your relationship?
  • Are you on the verge of divorce, but wonder what if…?
  • Are you fed up with endless fighting?
  • Do you struggle with feeling angry, anxious or sad?

Beginning to search for help is the right step. I invite you to call for a FREE 15-minute consultation to see how counseling can help!

I believe in happy, positive, lifelong relationships. Whether you are an individual adult seeking support or a couple that needs to re-kindle your love, together we will explore your struggles, gain insight and create change. This is a safe, therapeutic environment. You will discover what areas in your life are not serving you and how to change them. Through this important process, you will heal, grow and discover happiness.

I teach individuals and couples, what research has shown, to create healthy marriages. You will discover why marriages succeed or fail and how you can prevent divorce regardless of your circumstances.