To-do list

Do you ever find that you have more on your to-do list than you know what to do with?
I have this really bad habit of making to-do lists, in all my spare time, yet when it is complete, it is often so daunting, that I simply end up walking away. I become anxious and frozen… I don’t know where to start. I tell my clients, “Take 1 item at a time, prioritize the list according to importance, and ask yourself, “What do I actually HAVE to get done today?” … Great advice I know! :> And, when I remind myself of these things, they often work. Yet, the list grows and grows and grows… I cross one thing off and five more items appear. I know it is too much to ask for a life without a to-do list!
So, today I experimented and put my to-do list on hold. I knew it would be there waiting for me tomorrow… but today, I only did one thing. I played with my kids. Nope nothing else… no laundry, no work, no emails, no phone calls, no yard work, no cleaning up… nothing, except letting my kids decide what they wanted to do and giving them my full attention. And when my mind would try to sneak away to think about my to-do list, I would pull it back to focus on the only thing that mattered today… giving my kids – ALL OF ME!
What would happen, if you put your to-do list on hold, for just one day? 
What needs – ALL OF YOU?

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