Individual Therapy

There are certain times in life when we may need help addressing problems and issues that cause us emotional distress or make us feel overwhelmed. These problems can surface from childhood through late adulthood.

Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling

Couples therapy is psychotherapy aimed at promoting better communication between couples. Couples therapy is often called marriage counseling, but a couple does not have to be married to benefit from therapy. Couples come into therapy at various stages (dating through divorce) in their relationship.

Premarital Couples Counseling

Premarital couples counseling can be an important step on your journey toward marriage. We spend a large portion of our lives in school learning about subject matters such as English, Science, History, Math, etc. But, how many of us have taken a class on, ‘How to have a successful, happy marriage?’ How do we begin preparing for marriage?

Child Therapy

Child therapy is a form of therapy that has been tailored for children. Parents may seek therapy for their children on the recommendation of a doctor, teacher or because they feel that their child would benefit from talking to someone. Every therapist has a unique approach to working with children and may integrate several therapeutic techniques to find one that works best for the child.